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Spring Cleaning: Have You Updated Your Tags?

Are your registration tags up to date?  Driving with expired tags for even just one day can net you a ticket, but if your tags are expired for more than six months, you could face fines, points, loss of driving privileges or even jail time! In Florida it is easy to renew your tags online. […]

How Did My Drivers License Get Suspended?

One thing we hear a lot at The Ticket Clinic is “I didn’t know my license was suspended.”  Generally people come to us after they have been pulled over and at that point, the potential penalties for driving with a suspended license can be more severe. Here are some infractions that commonly result in a […]

Speeding Ticket Urban Legend Unmasked

A friend of The Ticket Clinic reached out to us to clear up this urban legend that has made its way around the internet.  There are several versions of the tale floating around, but here is the one we received: If you get a speeding ticket or went through a red light, or whatever the case may […]

The Correlation Between Points and Premiums

Most drivers know that points on your drivers license will cause your insurance premiums to go up.  But how much of a hike has been up for debate.  A recent survey conducted by found that only 31% of drivers over 18 who received traffic tickets in the past year also experience a rise in premiums. When […]

What Is A Failure To Yield Ticket?

photo of a yield traffic sign

A citation for failure to yield is a non-criminal traffic citation.  Generally, these tickets are issued following an accident when one driver’s failure to yield to the other caused the collision. Here’s an Example: John, pulls out of a strip mall, colliding with Jane, who is driving on the road.  Jane has the right of […]

What to do with that Out of State Speeding Ticket?

So you went out of town this weekend to visit some relatives and as your cousins started bickering about whose turn it was to take home the leftovers, you hopped in your car and sped back to your hotel with a slice of pecan pie riding shotgun on a napkin.  And then you looked up […]

Top 10 Things to Know about Your Traffic Tickets

10.  Do not automatically pay a ticket.  Points on your driving record cannot be removed. 9.  Speaking of points, 12 points in 12 months will cause your drivers license to be suspended. 8. Do not pay tickets simply because they do not incur points.  Paying is an admission of guilt and depending on the violation […]