Traffic Ticket Attorney

What Is A Failure To Yield Ticket?

February 6, 2013

A citation for failure to yield is a non-criminal traffic citation.  Generally, these tickets are issued following an accident when one driver’s failure to yield to the other caused the collision.

Here’s an Example:

John, pulls out of a strip mall, colliding with Jane, who is driving on the road.  Jane has the right of way and John’s failure to yield likely caused the collision.  While each case is based upon its own specific set of facts, this is often the scenario where we see citations for failure to yield.

Failure to yield citations are governed by Florida Statutes, Chapter 316.121 – 123. A ticket for failing to yield can put as many as four points on your driving record and may result in increased insurance premiums. If you have received a ticket for failing to yield, consider contacting an experienced traffic ticket attorney to help you.  The Ticket Clinic has handled over one million traffic tickets in Florida, California and nationwide.  If you have questions about your ticket for failing to yield, call us today at 1.800.CITATION.