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Tips Used to Restore Your License After a Revocation

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Whenever you commit a traffic infraction, you are ticketed; based on the type of violation, you are required to pay fines, and you get points on your driving license. Accumulating over 12 points on your driving licence in a year will result in a suspended license in Florida for 30 days; 18 points in as […]

Driving on A Suspended License in Florida: Worth the Risk?

If you have been charged with a DWLS or driving while the license is suspended, you could be facing additional consequences and problems with your legal case. You need to consult with an experienced Florida traffic ticket attorney immediately. Suspended license with knowledge is one of the most common criminal charges in Florida and is […]

How Do I Check If My Florida License Is Suspended?

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The state of Florida suspends driver’s licenses for many reasons ranging for points violations, DUI, habitual traffic offenses or even medical and vision issues. Finding out if your license is suspended is easier than you may think. The best place to start is the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles website (link included below) From there, […]

Top methods to Deal with A License Suspension In Florida

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To deal with a Suspended License in Florida, you must first find out why it has been suspended. This could be for a number of reasons such as: The Florida department of highway safety and motor vehicle (FLHSMV) will suspend your license for a certain amount of time based on the severity of your offence. […]

4 Major Reasons for a Suspended License.

When you commit a traffic violation, you will: a) be given a ticket by the police officer who flags you down or b) receive a ticket in the mail if a red light or speed camera has clicked you. The most common violations are speeding, running red lights, stop signs, and illegal turns. These are […]

How Did My Drivers License Get Suspended?

One thing we hear a lot at The Ticket Clinic is “I didn’t know my license was suspended.”  Generally people come to us after they have been pulled over and at that point, the potential penalties for driving with a suspended license can be more severe. Here are some infractions that commonly result in a […]

Driving with a Suspended License?

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It is illegal to drive with a suspended license in Florida – most people know that.  But we are always amazed at the number of people who drive anyway, knowing that their license has been suspended.  We get it – you need to get around.  But knowingly driving with a suspended license is a criminal offense […]