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Top methods to Deal with A License Suspension In Florida

June 1, 2016

To deal with a Suspended License in Florida, you must first find out why it has been suspended. This could be for a number of reasons such as:

The Florida department of highway safety and motor vehicle (FLHSMV) will suspend your license for a certain amount of time based on the severity of your offence.

Having a suspended License is a serious matter. It is essential that you adhere to laws of the state in event of a Suspended License in Florida.

  • You will need to hand over your license to the Florida DMV. Your suspension period begins when they receive your DL.
  • Do not drive with a suspended License as additional penalties may apply. You may have to face a jail term of upto 5 years or have the period of suspension extended.

Reinstating your driver’s license:

Traffic summons or Failure to pay fines: Furnish proof that you have complied with the necessary traffic summons, paid the fine and attended court ordered traffic school.

Reinstatement after a DUI: If you are convicted for DUI, additional steps are required to reinstate your DL, they are as follows:

  • Enrolling and completion of a DUI course and treatment, if required.
  • Proving you have bodily injury and liability insurance.
  • Inadequate vision: If your DL was revoked due to inadequate vision, you must submit a report of an eye exam which shows that you have the minimum vision standards. If your report shows inadequate vision the FLHSMV decides whether or not to reinstate your DL.
  • Accumulation of driving points: If you accumulated too many driving points then you must:
  • Take the required examination
  • Submit proof of improvement by enrolling in an advanced driving course

Also, you are required to pay $60 as the D6 reinstatement fee. After which,The Florida DMV will give you a D6 clearance letter.

You can also Apply for a Florida Hardship Driver’s License based on the norms governing your violation by:

  • Taking the required test
  • Submitting proof of enrolment in advanced drivers Improvement course
  • Paying the suspension reinstatement fee
  • Paying applicable fees for new license

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