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Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets

Happy Wednesday everyone! At The Ticket Clinic, we are big fans of top ten lists. This one from Popular Mechanics caught our eye earlier this week.   We are particularly partial to #4.  Be quiet.  If you don’t make yourself memorable, there is a good chance that the officer won’t recall specifics of your incident and his […]

Florida’s Texting and Driving Ban Begins Today!

Starting today, if you text and drive in Florida, you may find yourself being ticketed. Right now the law makes texting a secondary offense, which means you can’t be pulled over for texting alone.  But you can be pulled over for speeding, reckless driving or another offense and issued a second ticket for texting behind […]

Florida Senate Passes Texting and Driving Bill

We previously blogged about Florida’s proposed legislation to ban texting and driving.  This week, a proposed bill sailed through the Florida Senate, paving the way for the bill to become a law if it is passed by the House. The proposed bill will making texting and driving a secondary offense, which means that you have […]

Will Florida Ban Texting and Driving?

Once again, there is a push to ban texting and driving in Florida.  Over the weekend, the Miami Herald recapped several bills that are making their way through the Florida legislature.  While previous attempts at regulating texting and driving have been unsuccessful, the battle continues, with proponents pushing hard for legislation so drive safely and think […]