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Now Even Easier! Text a photo of your
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The Ticket Clinic Hialeah

The Ticket Clinic Hialeah office is near to you to help you fight all kinds of traffic offenses, including speeding tickets, red light tickets, DUI and more. Contact us now.

Hialeah Traffic Court Attorney

A traffic ticket in Hialeah – Dade County is not a simple matter. Paying the ticket does not make it go away. The Florida DMV puts points on your license for most traffic infractions. Get more than two tickets, and you could lose your license. If you’ve been charged with with a traffic offense, contact a Hialeah traffic court attorney immediately.

Traffic violations could cost you thousands of dollars in higher insurance premiums. Those insurance increases stay with you for more than three years after you pay that ticket. That’s why it’s vital that you hire a traffic ticket lawyer in Hialeah

Should You Hire a Ticket Lawyer in Hialeah?

Yes! Florida – Dade County’s point system for speed and traffic violations is tough. But simply because a police officer says you’ve committed a violation doesn’t mean you’re automatically guilty. You have a right to plead your innocence and confront the evidence. Contact a ticket lawyer in Hialeah right now. Whether you have a spotless driving record or one that’s already questionable, you need to keep those points off your Florida license.

Hialeah Criminal Defense Lawyer and DUI Attorney

If you’ve been charged for driving under the influence or with criminal charges, you need to get represented by an experienced Hialeah criminal defense lawyer immediately. Otherwise your license can be revoked, your car can be impounded and you may even get jail time.

Why The Ticket Clinic Hialeah?

When you’re fighting something as critical as a traffic ticket in Hialeah, you want a Hialeah lawyer who knows and understands all of the traffic laws. Law is unfamiliar territory to most people. Hire a knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney in Hialeah who can guide you through the system with ease.

Traffic court is similar to other types of legal proceedings. It takes a professional to succeed. When you fight your ticket, you’re likely to go up against a Hialeah-Dade County police officer who has experience in the courtroom. They’ve probably been there hundreds of times and knows how to best present their case. It’s part of their job to make sure that every ticket they write in their Hialeah territory sticks. The Ticket Clinic may be your best shot at making sure it doesn’t.

How Much The Ticket Clinic Cost?

Hiring a Hialeah lawyer does not have to be expensive. At The Ticket Clinic, our fees are reasonable, especially when you compare them to the cost of the ticket and increased insurance rates. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for your convenience.

It costs you nothing to talk with us about your case. We offer FREE phone consultations to Hialeah – Dade County drivers and we’ll give you an immediate assessment of your situation. Protect one of your most valuable possessions, your driver’s license. Contact our Ticket Lawyer in Hialeah, The Ticket Clinic, Hialeah – Dade office today!

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Just how many traffic tickets are handed out in Miami-Dade? Our traffic ticket lawyers crunched the 2017 traffic citation data, read more in our report.

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"I don't know how I can even say how greatful I am for the great work you did winning my case. So, all I can say is Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!, Thank you!, Thank you!!" Thomas J. User RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser Rating - Google Review    "I just wanted to say thank you! Your firm not only got all my daughters charges dismissed, but there were no court costs or even driving school! She had definitely gotten herself into some trouble and I cannot believe the outcome was this good!! Thank you again! I will recommend you to anyone that asks. I don't know if there are any website for reviews on law firms, but if there is let me know so I can say how excellent your firm is." Yelp User User RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser Rating - Yelp Review    "Wish I could rate them 10 stars..took care of ticket,cheaper than what the ticket would had cost, no points, no school, I am blown away, fantastic job done by these guys at a very reasonable price, sorry I can't give details because I am ashamed of my stupidity, luckily I learned my lesson and it was only a trap." Roberto C. User RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser Rating - Yelp Review    "I will use you time and time agian. Have recommended you to several family members and friends thank you so much I am very very happy with the outcome but I don't plan on getting any more tickets! Again thank you Ticket Clinic." Lisette R. User RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser Rating - Yelp Review    "They are just the best... From the people answering the phone (yes actual well spoken and courteous people) to the assistant that attended me when I visit their offices at South Dixie Highway and 22nd." Jamie C. User RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser Rating - Google Review    "The convenience is my favorite part! Entered my ticket online and paid. My ticket was $200+ ..They went to court for me and my ticket was dismissed. Emailed me confirming everything was taken care of and that was that! I do believe this is a case by case basis. I have a very good driving record so I'm happy I didn't have to waste my time with this. Highly recommend!" Kathy V. User RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser Rating - Yelp Review    "I just called them on the phone. I provided the information regarding my ticket which I felt was not my fault in an accident I was involved in. They took care of it and I didn't have to show up to court. No points, no ticket. Well worth what they charged me." George A. User RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser Rating - Google Review    "I was pleased to receive your letter of February 21, 2017 advising me that all charges against me were dismissed by the Court. I am very pleased how the Ticket Clinic handled my case. I definitely will recommend the Ticket Clinic to friends and neighbors should they be issued a traffic ticket. Many thanks again for solving my problem." Wolfgang H. User RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser Rating - Google Review    "In a world where people always seem to want to register complaints, I thought I would take a moment and register my extreme satisfaction with your company and especially for Miss T! She is extremely helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable and she is a pleasure to do business with!" Jeff M. User RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser Rating - Google Review    "Great Job!!!!! Keep up the great work.We are extremely impressed with your performance. :)" Lionel O. User RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser Rating - Google Review    "I wanted to thank you and your firm for the great job you did with my case. I'm extremely grateful that your firm worked so hard on my case to get it dismissed. I will definitely write an awesome REVIEW for the phenomenal work your firm did!!!" Elizabeth B. User RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser RatingUser Rating - Google Review