Traffic Ticket Attorney

What to Do If You’ve Lost Your Florida Traffic Ticket

February 27, 2018

If you were pulled over by an officer or received a notification in the mail of an alleged traffic citation, one of the most common problems that plagues people is losing this actual traffic ticket. All of the critical information associated with the citation is included directly on the traffic ticket and if you lose it, you may not even remember what the citation was for, who gave it to you or how to pay it?

All of the critical information linked to the citation itself is included only on this piece of paper and if you lose it, it is easy to forget about the traffic ticket entirely. This can be a major mistake however, and this could even jeopardize the possible outcome of your case if you are not careful. If you’ll be seeking the insight of a knowledgeable Florida traffic ticket attorney after you have been issued a ticket, it is a good idea to take a picture of the traffic citation or to scan it onto your computer so that you can reference it easily. Shoving it inside your purse or briefcase means that it could ultimately be lost and you could forget crucial details or the situation all together. Ignoring the traffic ticket, which is the same as forgetting about it and failing to pay it or respond appropriately in court to contest the traffic ticket, could lead to loss of your driving license and administrative penalties and even higher insurance rates. Florida uses a point system to assess varying levels of severity with a traffic ticket and your decision not to pay a traffic ticket due to forgetting about it or losing the piece of paper could become problematic for you.

If the ticket is lost, you may be able to search for this information online in particular circumstances, depending on the county in which you originally received the traffic ticket. If you are sure that you have traffic ticket pending and you know which court is responsible for handling it, you can skip the process of going online to check the state online drivers’ license and contact the county court directly.

For those who don’t have the time, you can also call The Ticket Clinic and a legal assistant can help you look up this information and start the process to fight your case. In most cases, you will only have a maximum of thirty days to pay your fine before you are facing additional penalties, which means you need to act sooner rather than later to identify this lost traffic ticket information. You will need to be prepared to give them some basic information to help them identify your case. This includes your name as well as your driver’s license number.

Consulting with an experienced Florida traffic ticket attorney should be your first step if you are confused about how to handle your traffic citation. Call 1-800-CITATION.