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Traffic Lawyer Report: Florida’s Speeding Ticket “Hotspots” What You Need To Know

March 28, 2023

In 2022, the amount of traffic tickets across the state across all categories rose by 6.5% from 2.48 million to 2.64 million. Since 2020, that number has risen 28%. We analyzed Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Vehicles data release on uniform traffic violations. Some places in the state have seen increased enforcement while others have surged. We have a new fast mover in the bunch, read on to find out what county is seeing the largest increases in traffic enforcement.

Speeding Tickets By County

Speeding Tickets By Agency

Once again, 6 major counties make up 56% of the traffic tickets issued in the entire state. Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Orange, Hillsbourough and Duval County top the list with 1.49 million.

Miami not surprisingly tops the list of counties for the most citations issued. In 2022, agencies wrote 624,000 traffic tickets, a 9.3% increase over the previous year. Somewhere in the ballpark of 50,000 additional tickets. About a quarter of the state’s tickets are issued in Miami-Dade.

This year Orange County takes the number 2 spot with 211k tickets, followed closely by Broward County at 210k. Palm Beach County takes 4th with 192k then Duval (141k) and Hillsbourgh County (115k.)

Moving Violations By County

Jacksonville / Duval County Finally Cools Down

n our first report in 2017, we identifed Duval County as a hotspot for traffic enforcement but after looking at 2022’s data the area is finally starting to cool off. In fact local agencies wrote 9.7% less tickets than they did in 2021 across all categories. This is a contrast to during COVID when Duval County was the only major county that actually saw growth in speeding tickets. In 2022, 19% fewer speeding tickets were issued in the Jacksonville area.

Florida’s Newest Traffic Ticket Hotspot? Polk County

Each year the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Vehicles provides us with some surprises in their data. This year it’s Polk County. If you live in Lakeland, Winter Haven or Sanford, you might want to slow your roll. Our data shows a signicant increase in traffic enforcement in the area. Last year, agencies wrote 82,400 traffic tickets, a 22% increase over 2021. Polk County is now on our radar and we’ll be interested to see how they trend in the future.

DUI Enforcement

“Hot Spots” For DUI Enforcement

The West Coast of Florida countinues to be the most heavily enforced for DUI. Looking at the data, Pinellas County tops the list again this year with over 4,000 DUI arrests. By comparision, Miami only had 1930. Hillborough County is not far behind with 3860 arrests. DUI arrests for the entire state were flat, less than a 1% increase signals that appears to be less of a priority in the populated counties of South Florida.

Redlight Camera Violations Are Still A Major Revenue Driver For Florida

While some cities have chosen to remove their red light cameras others have stepped up their usage. In 2022, 253,350 red light camera violations were sent to drivers across the state. This is roughly 10% of all tickets issued. At $158 a pop, these tickets hit Florida motorists in their pockets for roughly $40 million dollars.

Got A Traffic Ticket? Call An Experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney

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