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Traffic Attorney Report: Palm Beach County By The Numbers

October 8, 2018

Palm Beach County’s estimated population is 1,471,150 with a growth rate of 5.18% in the past year according to the most recent census data. It’s Atlantic coastline is approximately 47 miles long and It consists mainly of barrier islands and peninsulas, including Jupiter, Singer and Palm Beach Island. This makes it the 3rd largest county in Florida with West Palm Beach being the largest city both in area and population.

Nearly 203,869 traffic tickets were handed out by Palm Beach County law enforcement in 2017 and from those 49,248 were speeding tickets. While there’s not a specific reason so many tickets are issued due to this reason, it could be because of the high traffic of cops pointing radar guns along the PGA Boulevard and other busy highways as a speed trap and the fact that geographically, Palm Beach County is has a lot of long and straight roadways where drivers might feel the impulse of speeding. If you receive a citation for speeding or any other reason, an experienced traffic ticket attorney will be able to assist you with your charges. Click here to learn more.

In 2017, Palm Beach County issued 36,204 criminal traffic fines. Over 50% of those were due to driving with an expired or suspended licence and the rest from violations like DUI, driving with an expired tag, leaving the scene and reckless driving. The number of non-criminal citations was 103,180 and were mostly generated due to speeding, careless driving, drivers not stopping at stop signs and running red lights. The last two violations have contributed to so many accidents, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies started a program in September of this year that targets busy intersections to improve pedestrian and bicyclists safety.

Quick Stats

Palm Beach County collected an estimated $10,005,150 (using a $150 average) from 66,701 cases that paid civil fines or were found guilty.

Palm Beach County is significantly low on Red Light Camera Violations compared to counties like Miami-Dade that has over 150,000 violations. Unfortunately, that’s not the case when with comes to DUI offenses, West Palm Beach law enforcement issued 2,567 DUI traffic tickets which is only 532 less than Miami-Dade County where the population is almost is almost double.

Call An Experience Traffic Ticket Attorney

All traffic tickets require serious attention and must be handled before it negatively affects your driving record. Hiring a traffic ticket attorney with experience assisting with drivers fight their traffic citation is always a good idea. The Ticket Clinic has been helping motorists for over 30 years and has traffic attorneys in all Florida counties ready to assist you. Call 1-800-Citation Today.