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Tips to Reduce Your Red Light Ticket Fine

December 23, 2019

Red light ticket Florida is disproportionately high and nothing is more distressing than receiving a red light ticket fine in your mail. But, you can have your fine reduced by adhering to the below mentioned tips.

Watch out for ‘Photo Enforced Sign’

You should ascertain beforehand if the road intersection has a red light camera installed. This can be easily known by spotting ‘Photo Enforced’ sign which is usually posted within a few miles from the approaching intersection. You can accordingly adjust your driving to escape being implicated by red light cameras in Florida.

Paying attention to the stop line

The sensor which gets triggered to activate the red light camera is installed near this line. It is essential that you should know where to pull in your vehicle when the red light gets turned on to avoid receiving the ticket. Camera flashing would not occur if the rear tires of your vehicle have passed the line before the traffic light turns red. If your vehicle comes to a halt over the line the moment the red light gets turned on, the camera may flash but the trigger would not be completely activated. In this case, you would not be held liable for receiving a Red light camera ticket.

If your vehicle has not crossed the line and the traffic signal turns red, you should pay heed to it and stop immediately. Else, you run the risk of triggering the sensor which would cause the camera to flash twice. You would automatically become entitled for a hefty red light violation fine.

Making a right turn

Florida law states that right turns are permissible when the red light is on but they should be done carefully and prudently. Some intersections do not permit right hand turns. If you are planning to take a right turn, you should be aware of the status of the same for the particular intersection else you would be held guilty by red light cameras Miami.

You can know this by spotting ‘No Turn on Red’ signpost or by reading the ‘Photo enforced’ sign to see if it carries ‘includes right turns’ words.

Consult an attorney

If you have been handed over a red light ticket, you need not worry or pay the fine upfront. You need to consult a seasoned traffic attorney who will represent the case on your behalf and get the ticket dismissed in the court. But make sure that you are backed by the most experienced and exceptionally efficient people. Otherwise, things may not go in your favour.

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