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Things to Know About DUI Enforcement in Miami

November 13, 2014

Miami DUI Law enforcement process involves multiple stages but, the penalties for the offense is as severe as in manyother states. Acquainting yourself with the enforcement processes is essential so that you will know what to do and when to hire a Miami DUI lawyer. The incident will be investigated and analyzed by the attorney that may  give you an edge in the case. The various stages of Miami DUI process are follows:

Initial stop by the police officer

A police officer is trained to identify the signs when an impaired  person is driving a vehicle. If he finds the vehicle is not maintaining a lane or if it is moving uncontrollably, he might take that as the signs of drunk driving. Not always, a police officer stops a vehicle suspecting the driver is drunk. There are instances when the officer notices other small traffic violations from the driver’s side like speeding, running a red light, improper lane usage and only when the car is stopped, the officer finds out that the driver is drunk. This is one way a DUI process begins. Another way a DUI arrest happens when a vehicle breaks down or after an accident.

Field Sobriety exercise

DUI is a serious violation and if an officer suspects you may be DUI, he can carry out an investigation. In Florida, the Field Sobriety Exercise includes HGN, the walk and turn, the one leg stand, as well as finger to nose, which tests the coordination, balance and dexterity of the driver. However, the driver has the right to refuse physical sobriety tests as the officer could hold the test as evidence in court. Some tests cannot be performed well by overweight individuals, injured and elderly people, in such cases you should tell the officer that your health or body weight doesn’t permit you to do the exercises.

BAC Test

If the officer doesn’t think you are sober after the initial tests, he might ask you to undergo Breath/Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) testing. This is usually done at the police station, but only after a lawful arrest. The driver is required to take a breath test, but one may refuse. Refusal may result in a license suspension, and in some cases may be charged as an additional crime. With an experienced traffic ticket attorney at your side, you can challenge your case and possibly  reduce the penalties associated with the violation, or get it dismissed entirely.  They can also help you if you have a suspended license in Florida.