Traffic Ticket Attorney

The Move Over Law

January 17, 2013

There has been significant chatter recently about Florida’s so-called “Move Over Law” and its enforcement.  The Ticket Clinic’s own Ted Hollander was quoted in last week’s Sun Sentinel in a story about the law and recent attempts to enforce it.

So what is the “Move Over Law?”  Section 316.126 of Florida Statutes requires that a vehicle driving past an ambulance, police car, tow truck or other emergency vehicle move over and away from the lane closest to the emergency vehicle.  If it is not possible to move over, the law requires the vehicle to reduce its speed to 20 miles-per-hour below the posted limit.  Penalties for violating the law may include fines and points.

If you received a ticket for violating the “Move Over Law”, an experienced traffic attorney may be able to raise certain defenses to help defeat your ticket.  Call The Ticket Clinic at 1.800.CITATION if you have questions about your “Move Over” ticket.  We have handled over 1 million traffic tickets in Florida, California and nationwide.