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Sharing the Roads with Bicycles

March 25, 2013

In warm weather states like Florida and California, it is commonplace to share the road with bicyclists.  On weekends, the roadways in major cities can be so crowded with droves of bikers that you might wonder if you accidentally stumbled upon the Tour de France.  But what exactly are the rules?  Do bikes have to stop at red lights too?  How can bikers and drivers share the road so that everyone is safe?

Florida law requires bicyclists to obey all road signs and traffic signals just like a car.  Also, like the driver of a car, the driver of a bicycle must yield to pedestrians.  Oftentimes, drivers want to pass a cyclist.  In those instances, Florida law requires a driver to pass a cyclist with a minimum of three feet between the car and the bike.  But if you are driving on a high speed roadway, three feet may not be enough so use good judgment when sharing the roadways with bikes.  If you are driving in a car, it can be frustrating to encounter cyclists who are not following the laws.  But safety should be your number one concern.  Share the road and drive safely!