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4 Useful Resources For Drivers Involved In an Accident

May 21, 2018

Traffic accidents have rose a staggering 77% in the state of Florida in just six years. As these stats grow with no relief in sight, we’ve compiled a list of helpful things that could be used in, after or during an accident situation that could lessen the impact or even save your life.

Call The Police, Then Call A Personal Injury Law Firm

In the aftermath of an accident, things can get hectic and confusing fast. If you are physically able to do so, follow these tips: first, slow down, and check to make sure your passengers and the other party’s passengers are OK. Then, immediately call the police. This protects you in several ways – the most important way being that the accident report will indicate whose fault the collision is.

That’s important because in order to receive compensation for your injuries by hiring a competent personal injury law firm, the accident must be shown to have not been your fault. Only the police report can do that for you!

Dashcams Don’t Lie

In many other countries, dashcams are much more commonplace to protect drivers against fraudsters and criminal activity. For example, in Russia almost every car has a camera. Having a camera rolling could help exonerate you in a situation where it’s your word against another driver. It could also document what happens if you are knocked unconscious and cannot remember the details of the incident.

The $15 Item That Will Save Your Life

According to the national highway agency and its 2011 report, in-vehicle drownings account for 2.1 percent of all Florida motor vehicle fatalities, twice the national average. While we cannot find a more recent report it’s our belief Florida still leads the nation given how often we see these stories in the news. It makes sense given the amount of rainfall Florida sees each year. Our roadways are lined with canals and many of our communities have lakes and ponds that can easily swallow a car. Vehicles can sink quickly and the outside pressure from the water makes it impossible open the doors. One way to increase your survival chances from this type of crash is to carry a carbide tipped hammer that can easily break auto glass. They’re only $15.


Over the last 20 years, millions of cars have been equipped with Onstar a system that can automatically detect crashes and send emergency personal. In 2010, the company released stats that the system deployed paramedics 149,000 times when drivers were unresponsive and arguably saved their lives. Since accidents are becoming more common having this piece of mind is invaluable to some drivers.