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Reasons for a Driver’s License Suspension in Florida

March 19, 2015

In Florida, a driver’s license could be suspended due to several reasons. Once the driver’s license is suspended, all driving privileges cease until such time as they are reinstated, or a hardship permit is obtained. Depending on the type of traffic violation committed, the driver’s license may be suspended for a specific period of time. The various reasons why a driver’s license is suspended in Florida are:

Points on your driving license: Under the point system in Florida, if the driver is convicted of any moving traffic violation, points gets added to his/her driving license. For a license to get suspended, it requires 12 or more points on the driving record in a year. The license will be suspended for 30 days if the driver accumulates 12 points, 3 months if it is 18 points in a year and a half, one year for 24 points in 3 years. That is one reason it’s important to have an experienced traffic ticket lawyer go to court got you. If the case is dismissed, or found not guilty, you will get no points. Even if you are found guilty, usually the court will, upon request “withhold adjudication”, which means you still will not get the points, even if you committed the offense!

Found guilty for DUI: DUI is a serious crime and it not only gets reflected on your driver’s license but also, if convicted, will result in the suspension of your license. Considering the severity of the violation the length of the suspension will increase or decrease. If you have committed the violation previously, the license will be suspended for longer, or even permanently.

Refusing a breath test/Blowing over the limit: If you are stopped for DUI, refusing to take a breath test, or taking a test which results in an unlawful breath alcohol limit will result in a suspension of your license.

Driving without a license or with a suspended license: Driving without a license is a serious offense, as is driving with a suspended license. In both cases, carry severe penalties. Driving with a suspended license may result in an additional suspension, and the possibility of jail time. Depending on the violation type and circumstances, the driver with a suspended license can end up in jail for up to five years.

Driving without Insurance: This is another case, where you can have your driver’s license suspended. It is necessary to have your vehicle properly insured and carry valid auto insurance while you are driving, otherwise you might get your license suspended for a period of time.

These are the common reasons why your driver’s license gets suspended in Florida. However, there are several other reasons such as Driving-related violations, physical or psychological disqualification, providing false information. There are other non-driving reasons like not responding to a Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles notice or failure in appearing in court; failure to pay traffic tickets, fines or surcharges and so on.  If you have a suspended license in Florida get in touch with our Florida traffic attorney who have experience in defending all types of  traffic tickets.