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Just Got In A Traffic Accident – Now What Should I Do?

May 21, 2018

Screeeeech, crash, bang – insert your favorite onomatopoeia for a traffic accident here – you just got in a car wreck. Now what should you do?

First and foremost, STOP. Leaving the scene of an accident in Florida is a felony, even if there is very little property damage and no injuries. Worse, leaving the scene of an accident when there are injuries is a high-degree felony that could easily land you in prison.

So, stop, and assess the situation. Are you hurt? Is anyone else in your vehicle hurt? Are emergency personnel needed? If so, call them immediately.

Next, take a look at your surroundings. Did your car end up in a safe place on the shoulder or is it still in the middle of the road blocking traffic? If your vehicle still drives it’s always best to move it to a safe place and out of danger. Use your best judgement and determine if it is safe to exit the vehicle before contacting the other driver(s) if the accident involves other vehicles. Call the authorities if there is any emergency.

Remain calm. Remember you just became a statistic and you’re one of 400,000 people each year that has a traffic accident in Florida. You may have just experienced something traumatic but you need to take a deep breath and deal with the situation. Hysterics never helps, there could be people injured that need help, investigators that need your statement and keeping a level head is crucial.

If you are injured, what should you do, and who should you call?

 Once you have determined that you are safe, at this point, your wellbeing is the utmost concern. Do not assume just because you “feel O.K.” that you are not injured. Often, people are in shock, and their adrenaline is pumping immediately after an accident, which can disguise any pain.

Make sure you call paramedics to the scene to get checked out. They can make the determination to what extent you may have suffered injuries, either visible or not. Do not worry about the hospital or medical bills at this point.

Once you have been treated, it’s time to call The Ticket Clinic’s injury lawyer. Do not call an injury referral service! They are advertising firms, not lawyers. They cannot represent you legally.

Craig Goldenfarb’s personal injury law firm can help you get your medical treatment paid, and get you compensation for your injuries.

The Police Are Showing Up, Now What?

Well that depends on the circumstances of the accident however there are a few things you must legally do. Drivers involved in accident investigations must comply with officer’s requests to hand over their driver’s license, insurance, registration and exit the vehicle. It never ever helps to be rude to officers. While you have the right to not answer questions, it be perceived as evasive and rub the investigator the wrong way depending on what is said. Never admit fault or make statements that incriminate yourself. If you need to avoid questions use language such as “I don’t really remember, I’d like to speak with my attorney first.” There are non-confrontational ways to politely decline answering questions that don’t ruffle feathers. Determining how much or how little to speak with investigating officers will always be a judgement call and once again remaining calm could make all the difference.

Everyone Is Safe, What Should I Do?

 The best thing you can do after an accident is collect as much information as possible. Pull out your phone and take down the basics:

  1. Where/when did the accident occur?
  2. Who was involved? License plate numbers, insurance, info, addresses/phone numbers
  3. Who was injured? – what was damaged – Take pictures if needed of the scene
  4. Who responded? – officers names, agencies
  5. Who witnessed it? – Names, phone numbers
  6. Who was cited? – Citation type, recipients
  7. What did it look like? – Take photos of damage and scene

In the days following an accident, be aware!

Two extremely important things to look out for in the days following an accident are lingering or sudden pain, and illegal accident victim solicitation.

People often assume they are OK after an accident, and then are surprised the next day by the pain that starts to show up. Your body may feel sore, achy, or even acutely painful in the next, shoulders, or ribs.

This is a sign that your body is telling you it’s hurt! You need to get treated right away. In Florida, you have up to 14 days to seek treatment after an accident in order for you auto insurance to pay for that treatment out of your PIP (personal injury protection) claim.

The longer you wait, the harder it is to secure those benefits.

You can call our law firm, and we would be happy to send you to receive medical treatment with no out-of-pocket expenses to you. It is our job as lawyers to get our medical bills paid.

The second thing to watch out for in the days following an accident is solicitation. This illegal practice preys on auto accident victims, to get them to go seek treatment in order to pillage their PIP benefits.

Ignore anyone who calls, texts, or shows up to your house that you do not know! They use clever tactics to trick you into doing what they want – which is to get you to a medical clinic. They will lie to you, cheat you, and steal from you.

Bottom line: call a personal injury law firm, and ignore anyone who contacts you so you don’t get ripped off!