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Can you Ignore A Red Light Camera Ticket in Florida?

May 21, 2015

Ignoring traffic tickets in Florida can lead to unnecessary complications. However due to your busy schedule, suppose you do end up ignoring an important traffic violation notification such as a red light camera ticket in Florida, you should be aware of the repercussions of this. A red light camera in Florida notes when the driver does not come to a full stop before turning right on red light and is not “careful and prudent” while turning right at a permissible right turn during red light.

How is a red light camera ticket different from a normal traffic ticket

The scary thing is that you might not know that you have been issued a red light camera ticket, because its not issued in the usual way where the cop stops you and writes you up for the violation. Getting a red light camera ticket is different from getting a normal traffic ticket, which is also why it is easier to ignore it and forget about it. You get to know that you were issued a red light camera ticket in Florida only when you are mailed the standard 277$ Uniform Traffic Citation (UTC).

Paying the ticket will mean an admission of guilt

Once you receive the 277$ UTC, you have 30 days to fight the ticket. Paying the fee will mean that you do, in fact, admit that you are guilty of the traffic law violation. This will also result in an increase in your insurance rate. Therefore avoid paying the fee in order to avoid being convicted on your driving record.

Ignoring the ticket will lead to your license getting suspended.

In the given 30 days, if you fail to fight the ticket or pay the fee of 277$, your ticket will go to collections where the price will be doubled! Moreover, your license will also be suspended. At all costs, do not ignore the red light camera ticket, if you do not want the trouble of having to reinstate your suspended license.

In the scenario where you receive a red light camera ticket in Florida, the best option is to fight it within 30 days. With the help of a skilled and experienced Florida Traffic Ticket Attorney, you can present your best case and avoid being convicted for red light camera violation. Call 1800-248-2846 for immediate help in fighting your traffic ticket!