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How to Drive in the Rain

July 18, 2013

On this rainy South Florida day, we thought that all of our readers nationwide might benefit from some tips about how to drive in the rain:

1) Slow down. Yes, this is an obvious one.  But it is the most important.  When it rains the roads are slippery.  So slow down!

2) Turn on your headlights.  Many cars are equipped with day time running lights but it’s a good idea to also turn on your headlights, which are a bit brighter and can help other cars see you better.

3) Try to stay in the middle lanes since water tends to pool in the side lanes.

4) But if you approach an area where the water seems especially deep, proceed slowly if at all.  Water that rises up to the doors can damage your car.  When in doubt, turn around and find another route.

5) Don’t tailgate.  Stay a safe distance behind other cars to avoid rear-end collisions and to avoid the splash from the car in front of you.

Also, don’t forget to check your wipers periodically and change dull blades so you aren’t struggling to see out your windshield in a torrential downpour!

Drive safely and stay dry.