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How Do Points Affect Insurance Premiums?

November 13, 2012

Most drivers know that points on your driver’s license will cause your insurance premiums to go up.  But how much?  A study by reviewed 490,000 insurance quotes from January 2009 through January 2011 in order to determine how traffic violations impact rate quotes.

Reckless driving will impact your insurance premiums the most, with the average premium for a person with a reckless driving citation being 22% higher than someone with a clean driving record.  A first offense DUI will hike up your rates 19%.  Even one speeding ticket will cause your premiums to rise up to 15%!

In Florida, the average car insurance premium in 2012 was $1654 per year, according to  So do the math – one speeding ticket can raise your annual premiums up to $250.  With such a significant rate hike looming, it never makes sense to simply pay a ticket.  Admitting guilt puts points on your driving record and in Florida, points are there to stay.  Points will cause your insurance premiums to go up.

If you have received a traffic citation in Florida, you have thirty days to respond.  The lawyers at the Ticket Clinic have defended over 1 million traffic tickets in Florida, California, and nationwide.  We concentrate solely on traffic-related offenses, including DUI.