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What to Do If You Got a Traffic Ticket on Vacation in Florida

October 9, 2017

There is nothing that can ruin your vacation quite like finding that you got traffic ticket or being pulled over at any point during your time off. While this is certainly a frustrating experience no matter how it happens, choosing to ignore the situation could put you at serious risk of facing problems in the future. It is simply not an option to ignore the experience of getting a traffic ticket while on vacation in Florida.

Talking to an experienced traffic ticket attorney is extremely important for being able to avoid the serious consequences and to fight your traffic ticket effectively. If you live several states away or even a long plane ride away, it’s not convenient for you to return to Florida to fight the traffic ticket.

This is why many people’s first temptation is to simply pay the ticket, admit guilt and move on with their life. After their vacation is over, they don’t want to spend the time thinking about traffic ticket they picked up while they were here, however, avoiding these consequences could be a big problem. You need to know how to fight back if you got a traffic ticket in Florida and you don’t even live there. Do not make the mistake of just ignoring the ticket or paying it off.

Every state in the country issues traffic tickets as both a public safety measure and revenue generator and Florida is no exception. Florida often hands out traffic tickets around increased areas of tourism because statistically there are more people travelling cars. Therefore, many visitors return home with a traffic ticket as a souvenir.

Consulting a Florida traffic ticket attorney can help you understand the best approach to resolving the infraction and will check how your home state driving status will be affected by a conviction. Don’t assume that the points will never appear on your license or affect your home state insurance. The driver’s license compact was set up to allow states to talk to one another to exchange information about licensed vehicle drivers who are involved in traffic related matters, however not every state across the country is a member of the DLC.

There are three things that you need to know about getting a traffic citation in Florida, if you don’t live there. If you pay the Florida traffic citation, first of all, you will receive points on your license if it was a moving violation. Many states will treat the ticket that you received somewhere else as if it was received in your home state so you should never simply pay the ticket without evaluating the consequences first. Using the traffic court system is the only way to get the citation dismissed. The second thing to know about getting a traffic ticket citation in Florida on a road trip or vacation is that the points can follow you home. This is one surprise that many people do not realize until it is too late. Your traffic record in your home state could be affected by a ticket received in vacation so don’t ignore it or just pay the ticket by assuming it is no big deal. The third thing you need to know about getting a traffic citation in Florida is that you can fight your traffic citation and even win. You stand a really good chance of succeeding with your ticket if you hire a knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney.

A local lawyer who is familiar with the laws and rules will give you the best chance of getting the necessary results. For minor charges, it’s also a great way to avoid having to fly back to Florida to attend multiple court hearings. Scheduling a consultation over the phone with a Florida traffic ticket attorney now will give you a broad overview of the options available to you and empower you with the necessary information to figure out the consequences in your home state for getting a ticket as well as your chances of achieving success by fighting the ticket directly in court through an experienced traffic ticket attorney.

While getting a traffic ticket on vacation is likely a memory that will stick with you for some time, knowing that you took all the opportunities to fight back into hiring a ticker lawyer who had your best interests in mind can decrease the negative consequences associated with getting a ticket or being pulled over on the road. Consulting with a lawyer now is strongly recommended. Call 1-800 CITATION today for a free consultation.