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Why Florida Professional Drivers Should Know a Traffic Attorney

July 1, 2017

Why Professional Drivers Should Know a Traffic Attorney

Getting a traffic ticket might seem like a minor issue, but that’s not true even for people who don’t drive on a professional basis. When your ability to drive is tied to your career, the stakes are even higher when you get a traffic ticket. Too many tickets and you could be looking at serious consequences not just for your personal life but for your career, too. Read on to learn more about why having a relationship with an experienced Florida traffic ticket lawyer can benefit you when your earning ability is tied to a clean driving record.

Going without a Lawyer Could Lead to Big Mistakes

When you get a traffic ticket or other citation, never blow it off. Doing so could lead to big mistakes and assumed guilt, so you should never minimize the potential consequences. Most people outside the professional driving world assume that a ticket is a minor infraction and that it’s fine to pay it and move on. With strict regulations and laws that are often changing, much more is at stake for a trucker or other professional driver.

For professional drivers, though, the exposure to a potential ticket is much higher simply because they are logging more time on the road. A commercial truck driver or other driving professional often puts in most daylight hours behind the wheel of a vehicle, and this increases their chances of being involved in an accident when compared with the average person who uses their car for a work commute and some personal errands.

Professional Drivers Under More Scrutiny

The regulatory environment in the U.S. holds professional drivers to a higher standard than other vehicle drivers. Truck drivers and other professional drivers are targeted by special enforcement agencies and their violations count against their motor vehicle record seriously.

It is essential to protect a CDL license at all costs, so even what appears to be a minor ticket requires the response of an experienced lawyer. Knowing an attorney in Florida at The Ticket Clinic who can help you in this situation could save your license and your ability to make a living.

Any traffic ticket is a serious problem if you have a professional driving job.

Professional Drivers Need a Lawyer Who Knows State Laws

Professional drivers may be regularly traveling back and forth between states and a lack of understanding about state-specific laws could lead to mistakes that add up. Knowing an attorney in Florida who can help you when you get a ticket could save you a lot of time as well as costly mistakes.

When you already have an established relationship with a knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney, you can get answers to your questions as soon as possible. Your Florida traffic ticket lawyer can walk you through what to expect and the next steps you need to take to protect yourself. A few traffic tickets could render a CDL license holder, for example, unable to continue in that occupation.

An attorney should be familiar not just with state laws, but also with the court procedures in the local area, so that the lawyer can work hard to minimize the chances of a negative outcome. Having an attorney who will fight to keep the citation from going to court could make things easier for you and decrease the chances of a negative outcome that risks your CDL. An attorney who knows the local system can also help work with the prosecutor where possible.

A Lawyer Can Evaluate the Facts

As a professional driver, your ability to focus on the road requires your constant attention. It can be difficult to remember all the circumstances if you’re pulled over and given a ticket, however. Talking to an attorney immediately after being pulled over gives you the chance to review the facts and ensure that you have someone working hard on your behalf to minimize the potential penalties. Even just one speeding ticket could make things more difficult for you, so it’s important to take every ticket seriously by relying on a lawyer you can trust.

Some of the most serious violations for CDL license holders include:

Leaving the scene of an accident
Operating any vehicle under the influence of controlled substances
Driving when your CDL is suspended or revoked
Using the vehicle to commit any felony
Dispensing, manufacturing, or distributing a controlled substance while using the vehicle

Any traffic offense, though, could be serious for your future. Your CDL license may be revoked, impacting your ability to continue with your career. Taking any allegations seriously by hiring a Florida traffic ticket defense attorney will help you give a clear idea of what to expect in your case.

Having a lawyer who understands your driving record as well as each ticket coming forward can help you navigate the complex legal system quickly and effectively. Knowing where you stand and all your options to defend yourself is critical so that you can protect your professional license and your ability to drive for work. There’s a lot on the line with even a speeding ticket for a professional driver in Florida, so don’t wait to get help after you’ve received a citation.

Consequences for CDL License Holders Receiving Traffic Tickets in Florida

Your CDL license could be suspended temporarily or permanently depending on the facts of your case. If your violation in Florida is considered a “major” one, you could be facing a one year suspension of your CDL license. If you received that violation while transporting any hazardous materials, your CDL license could be suspended for three years. Typical major violations include committing a felony with the vehicle, leaving an accident scene, refusing a blood or breath test on a suspected DUI, or operating a commercial vehicle with a BAC of .04% or higher.

While more minor infractions, like speeding 15 miles or more over the speed limit, will not always lead to a CDL license being revoked, a second infraction like this on your record within three years of your first could lead to your license being disqualified for a period of 60 days. The consequences are not always tied directly to just the commercial vehicle, either. A driver could lose CDL privileges for some infractions involving a personal vehicle, too.

The bottom line is that having a relationship with a Florida traffic ticket lawyer to help you when you’re facing any citations could help you significantly. Don’t wait to get the help you need- contact a lawyer now to protect one of your most valuable assets- your professional CDL. Contact our office today at 1-800-CITATION.