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Are Self Driving Cars Compatible with Current Laws?

May 6, 2013

Imagine this scenario:  You are cruising down the highway to work one morning when you glance over at the car next to you where the driver is…reading the newspaper?  If Google has its way, driverless cars will be the way of the future.  Currently, three states permit the use of electronic, self-driving cars.  Two, California and Florida, allow the use of these cars for testing purposes only. In 2011, Nevada passed a law permitting the use of driverless cars and in 2012, the state issued the first license for a self-driven car.

While it’s too soon to say that driverless cars are the way of the future, it is clear that the current traffic laws in most states would not be sufficient to handle a car with no driver.  For example, can you read a book?  Knit a sweater? Take a nap? California legislators are currently trying to draft laws that will incorporate self-driving cars if and when they make their way onto the roads en masse.  It is fair to say that even laws that seem to make sense now will need to be revised if hundreds, thousands or even millions of drivers have their cars on auto-pilot.  Science fiction may be closer to reality than you think!  At The Ticket Clinic, we will be watching the self-driving cars and will bring the latest news to you.