Traffic Ticket Attorney

5 Steps to Fighting a Florida Traffic Ticket 

May 25, 2021

Recently received a Florida traffic ticket? Before you write it off and keep things “simple” by making the payment and putting this issue behind you, consider the possible consequences. Are you in a position to fight this ticket and potentially win? In these cases, finding a Florida traffic ticket lawyer will help you coordinate a defense strategy that protects your driving record. Read on to learn more about the steps involved in fighting  a Florida traffic ticket. 

Review the Claims on the Traffic Ticket

The officer should have provided you with a citation that has the details of the alleged infraction on it. Use this information to do some research and to check your own driving record to determine what’s at stake. This could be all the information you need to hire a Florida traffic ticket lawyer once you know what you’re up against. Read through any of the other details on the citation, such as the time limits or the locations of any courts so that you’ll know what you need to do if you decide to fight it. 

Gather the Evidence 

One of the most popular traffic ticket defense strategies is to argue against any presented evidence when you have the opportunity to do so. Write down what you recall of the situation and reach out to any witnesses as well since they might become a part of your case. Landmarks such as speed limit postings and other signs could be important. Did the officer get you on radar?

Evaluate Your Arguments 

There are a few different ways in which you might be able to argue a defense of your Florida traffic ticket. These will all depend on the circumstances of the incident itself, so it’s important to have someone that knows what they’re doing review everything as soon as possible after you get pulled over to minimize the chances of missing any important facts. 

For example, you might be able to claim that:

  • The officer on the case did not actually see the behavior they claim they did 
  • The officer’s personal opinion was not accurate regarding the situation 
  • The officer did not have proper training to use the equipment used to measure your speed

Since some of these claims and defenses can be complex, it’s best to work with a Florida traffic ticket lawyer to ensure you’ve considered all the primary aspects of the best route for you before moving forward. Whenever you’re challenging an officer’s interpretation or evidence, you want to feel confident that you’ve got the right evidence to support your own claims 

Meet with a Traffic Ticket Lawyer 

Making what seems like a minor mistake in your interpretation of the law could mean that you end up fighting this ticket and losing. Prepare for your case by leveraging the support of a dedicated lawyer. A traffic ticket lawyer in Florida can help you with all the paperwork for your case and give you an honest assessment of what to expect when you go to court. There’s already enough to worry about when you’re fighting a traffic ticket; avoid being overwhelmed in the process by hiring an attorney who can handle the legal management of your case. 

Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer could save you big consequences in terms of fines, points on your license, or higher insurance premiums. It also shows the court that you’re serious about fighting your Florida traffic ticket.   

What to Expect From Traffic Court

Unless you hire a traffic lawyer to represent you, you must block out the time for your scheduled hearing. You need to let the clerk know in writing or by calling that you want to schedule a hearing and you’ll need your address, phone number, and citation number in order to do this. 

In the hearing, the clerk listens to any witnesses on either side and will make a decision on your case. If you are found guilty, you’ll be informed at that time about additional penalties or court costs.

No matter how your case ends, plan to take a look at your driving record to see whether any changes or updates were made. If you did lose the case, you need to verify that the points added to your case are accurate. Avoid errors and reach out if mistakes were made. 

Need more insight on a specific case? Hire a FL traffic ticket attorney now.