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Being cited for a traffic offense in North Little Havana may be more complicated than you think. Paying the fine isn’t your only concern. The Florida DMV will place points on your record for most traffic infractions. If you already have a critical number of points you could have your license suspended or revoked, depending on the circumstances. The traffic ticket lawyers in North Little Havana at The Ticket Clinic are here to help you try to lessen or, in some cases, avoid the consequences by getting the traffic citation dismissed.

Whatever your circumstances may be, whether you have a spotless driving record or have an accumulation of points piled up, you need to do what is in your best interest going forward. If you have a clean record you want to keep it that way, if possible. On the other hand, if you already have points on your record, one ticket could lead to loss of your license or much higher insurance rates among other negative consequences. Let the traffic violation attorneys at The Ticket Clinic in North Little Havana show you how to best protect your driving record and reduce the negative effects on your future.

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Hire a North Little Havana Traffic Ticket Lawyer or DUI Attorney at The Ticket Clinic

Our experienced traffic ticket lawyers believe that almost any case can be won. First, we will carefully examine the evidence and other factors involved with your case. Then, we will diligently look for every way possible to reduce your fine and minimize the effects on your driving record and insurance rates. Under certain circumstances, we may even be able to get your ticket dismissed entirely. The knowledgeable traffic ticket lawyers at The Ticket Clinic in North Little Havana will do whatever it takes to ensure the best possible outcome for you. We have successfully handled all types of traffic violations in the state of Florida for 30 years.

The Ticket Clinic traffic ticket attorneys and DUI defense lawyers handle many different types of traffic related issues such as:

  • Conducir de manera descuidada e imprudente
  • Conducir después de consumir alcohol si el conductor tiene menos de 21 años
  • Conducir cuando la licencia ha sido suspendida o revocada
  • Conducir bajo los efectos del alcohol o drogas (DUI)
  • Conducir bajo los efectos de sustancias intoxicantes (DWI)
  • Conducir con un nivel de alcohol en la sangre de 0.08% o más
  • Conducir con el registro vencido
  • Homicidio agravado por vehículo
  • Choque y fuga
  • Homicidio culposo o homicidio negligente involucrando un vehículo motorizado
  • Multas por exceso de velocidad
  • Exceso de velocidad para evitar el arresto
  • Exceso de velocidad en una zona en construcción
  • Exceso de velocidad en una zona escolar
  • Carreras
  • No ceder el paso a vehículo de emergencia
  • No ceder el derecho de paso
  • No tener seguro de responsabilidad civil
  • No detenerse ante una sirena
  • Pasarse de largo un autobús escolar detenido
  • Pasarse un semáforo en rojo
  • No respetar una señal de alto

¿The Ticket Clinic tiene abogados de tráfico cerca de mí?

The Ticket Clinic has traffic ticket lawyers located right in the North Little Havana area who are here to help you. We can show you that hiring a traffic ticket lawyer does not necessarily have to be expensive. At The Ticket Clinic our fees are reasonable, especially if you consider the cost of the ticket and increased insurance premiums. It costs you nothing to talk to someone at The Ticket Clinic. We offer free phone consultations to drivers in the North Little Havana area. Take steps to protect one of your most valuable assets, your driver’s license. Don’t risk jeopardizing what the state of Florida considers to be a privilege, the freedom and convenience of being able to drive.

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