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New Report Suggests Manatee County Put Profits Over Safety

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Manatee County

As the red light camera debate continues in Florida. a recent report from 10 Investigates revealed that in Manatee County officials are strategically installing red light cameras at specific intersections based upon the ability to generate revenue.

According to the report, of the 10 most dangerous intersections, only one is actually monitored by a red light camera.  Instead, last summer Manatee County began issue citations for rolling right hand turns and the county’s profits, which were previously low, began to skyrocket.

To see the full report, click here.

According to 10 Investigates, attempts to fight the tickets have been mostly unsuccessful.  Since the hearing officer is generally employed by the city or county that issued the ticket, this is not surprising.

The Ticket Clinic continues to lead the red light camera fight.  If you have questions about a red light camera ticket, call us at 1.800.CITATION.

The Ticket Clinic Attends the First Annual Pep Boys Car Show in Miami Lakes

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014



Check out the great pics from Saturday’s First Annual Pep Boys Car Show at the Pep Boys in Miami Lakes!

We had a great time at the car show and meeting friends and fans of The Ticket Clinic.

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The Ticket Clinic is a Proud Sponsor of Street Racing Made Safe

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014


The Ticket Clinic is proud to announce its support of Street Racing Made Safe, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating drivers and eliminating street racing on public roads.  The Ticket Clinic is committed to improving the safety of our roads and our sponsorship of SRMS is a natural progression towards that goal.

“Too many young people die needlessly from racing their cars on the street,” said The Ticket Clinic Founder, Mark Gold, “Not only is it a crime, but street racing  also endangers the lives of participants and innocent bystanders.  That is why The Ticket Clinic is proud to sponsor Street Racing Made Safe, where drivers can test their mettle in a safe, controlled environment. Even though we defend all types of tickets, The Ticket Clinic would prefer to see less tickets issued for racing, and less race-related injuries.”

In addition to providing education and information, SRMS offers drivers the opportunity to street race in a controlled, safe environment.  Join us this Saturday, March  29, at the Run Your Car Not Your Mouth event at Palm Beach International Raceway.  The Ticket Clinic race car will be on the track and our staff will be on site to answer any questions.

The Ticket Clinic is one of the oldest law firms in Florida concentrating solely on traffic-related offenses and DUI.  If you have a question about a traffic citation, call us at 1.800.CITATION.

DUI 101

Friday, February 21st, 2014

DUI Squad - Field Sobriety Tests

Don’t drink and drive.  That’s a given.  But what happens when you have had too much drink and make the mistake of getting behind the wheel?  When you see those flashing lights in your rearview mirror, you could be facing a life-changing moment.

DUIs are very serious because they carry possible criminal consequences in addition to impacting your driving privileges.  The penalties for getting a DUI in Florida can include jail time, even for a first offense.  So it is critical to take a DUI seriously.

In addition, you will lose your license if you get a DUI – at least temporarily.  In Florida, when you get a DUI, the DMV immediately suspends your driving privileges.  The process to regain your driving privileges may be complicated. For example, if you fail to request a review hearing within 10 days of the receipt of your DUI, you lose the right to contest the suspension of your drivers license. For a first DUI, the automatic suspension is 6 months – a long time to be without a car.

If you have received a DUI, it is important that you know your rights and obligations.  Consider talking to an experienced DUI attorney at The Ticket Clinic. Our DUI lawyers concentrate solely on the art of defending DUI’s in Florida, California and nationwide.  Call us at 1.800.CITATION.


New City-Run Hearing Process Thwarting Challenges to Red Light Camera Tickets

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014


The Ticket Clinic’s Matt Aungst spoke to WFTV about the new red light camera hearings.  Under the new law, drivers can fight the ticket at a local city hearing rather than waiting for a Uniform Traffic Citation to be issued.  Before the new law went into effect, we hypothesized that the hearings, which are overseen by hearing officers, not judges, may be biased against the drivers.  That seems to be the trend.  However, the option to wait for a UTC and argue your case before a real judge is still an option that should not be ignored.

If you receive a violation and wish to fight it, consider talking to an experienced traffic ticket attorney.  The Ticket Clinic is leading the red light camera fight.  Call us at 1.800.CITATION with questions.

A Busy Boynton Beach Intersection’s Yellow Light Too Short?

Monday, December 16th, 2013


Our very own Ted Hollander spoke to CBS 12 News about the red light cameras located at Boynton Beach Boulevard and Congress Avenue.  From 2011 until October of this year the yellow light, which should have been 4.5 seconds long, was only 4 seconds long, leading to 7,000 red light camera tickets.  Check out what Ted has to say by clicking here.

Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013


Happy Wednesday everyone!

At The Ticket Clinic, we are big fans of top ten lists.  This one from Popular Mechanics caught our eye earlier this week.   We are particularly partial to #4.  Be quiet.  If you don’t make yourself memorable, there is a good chance that the officer won’t recall specifics of your incident and his or her testimony may be more susceptible to cross-examination.  If you are a do-it-yourselfer, this article provides some good tips.  But if you want an experienced traffic ticket attorney in your corner, consider calling The Ticket Clinic at 1.800.CITATION.

Drive safely and don’t forget that the “no texting and driving” law is in effect in Florida so put down your phones!

Could a Routine Request Have Saved Red Light Camera Violators in Orlando?

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013


Last week Orlando resumed its traffic court operations after a six-month shutdown when the courts ran out of money.  The Ticket Clinic’s Robert Azcano spoke to WFTV Channel 9 in Orlando about the speedy trial laws and whether some of the cases could have been dismissed on those grounds.  To see the full story, click here.

Florida’s Texting and Driving Ban Begins Today!

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013


Starting today, if you text and drive in Florida, you may find yourself being ticketed.

Right now the law makes texting a secondary offense, which means you can’t be pulled over for texting alone.  But you can be pulled over for speeding, reckless driving or another offense and issued a second ticket for texting behind the wheel.  Texting at red lights is okay. A first offense will earn you a $30 fine; a second, $60 – a relatively light punishment for such a hot-button issue.

But, the Florida legislature is already working to make texting while driving a more severe offense, including bills to make it a primary offense (meaning you can be pulled over for texting without committing other driving infraction) and stiffer penalties.

Stay tuned for more on this law as it goes into effect.

Red Light Camera Citations Down?

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

This blurb in the Sun Sentinel caught our eye.  It claims that red light camera citations in Florida are down during the period of 2010 – 2013 and asks “are we getting used to red light cameras?”

But more likely citations could be down as a result of many cities suspending or ending their red light camera programs in the face of mounting opposition and increasing costs.  What do you think is driving the downturn in tickets?